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Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s strongest ERP solution, particularly suited to companies with 100 to 1,000 users working with advanced logistics, production and projects. Dynamics AX is available on two platforms. Either ‘on-site’ on servers the company controls, or in the cloud, under the name Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The latter allows easy access to anyone who has a browser – and the opportunity to use the system on PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. This means Dynamics AX can be used by all the company’s employees and partners. Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is particularly suited to companies with several subsidiaries with internal trade, operating in several countries and languages. Below you can read about some of the advanced features, where Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations goes further than most other ERP systems.

Countries and languages

Microsoft Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations was born to be international. It handles standard country-specific functionality for a multitude of countries and virtually all the languages you can imagine.

You specify which country each set of accounts belongs to, and the given country-specific functionality is activated. This means that specific legal requirements etc. are handled automatically. 

For each user, you specify which language they wish to use. The language layer for each user is completely independent of the country set for the accounts. For example, a Danish employee can work with Russian accounts in Danish.

Built-in Power BI

Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations now comes with a strong Business Intelligence solution. Microsoft Power BI is simply available to all Enterprise users as standard. 

With Power BI, the user receives relevant management information directly in Dynamics AX. Graphs and KPIs are presented in a simple and clear way. If you want to analyse the data at more depth, the full Power BI package is activated directly.


Groups with a good mix of production and sales companies often need to do a lot of internal trade. This is handled in Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as standard. The goods are sold in the sales company, but drawn from another logistics or production company. 

This internal trade is automated, saving users time.

Product configurator

For some companies, the product number structure for sales items can be significantly simplified by configuring sales items instead. When a sales order is created, a number of questions must be answered which determine how the goods are configured. 

This has to be carefully set up, but significantly simplifies the sales process thereafter. 

The various questions and possible answers can be dependent on previous answers. This means that only valid combinations can be chosen, and products will not be sold that cannot be produced.

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