Axcite Product Management High quality master data

Axcite Product Management expands the functionality of standard Dynamics AX and ensures high-quality product master data, as it can be updated centrally, without making master data management complex for employees. A product cannot be put into use before all the necessary master data is in place. The synchronisation function ensures that any corrections to the central product master data are propagated to all products.


Tailored to your activities

  • Solution to a complex problem

    Axcite Product Management makes sure you have your product master data under control.

  • User-friendly system

    You can be confident your employees can work out how to use the system.

  • Automation

    Defined field values filled out automatically on release of the product.

  • Simple solution

    Your employees only have to fill out two fields.

  • Product life cycle

    Ensures that the other fields are also entered prior to release.

  • Easier procedures

    You only have to worry about two fields.

  • Greater security

    The system prevents you making mistakes in pressured situations.

  • Time saving

    Updating master data becomes a much simpler task.

Features and benefits

  • Ensure optimal data management by sharing across companies

  • Make sure that a product cannot be put into use without the required master data

  • Hide the complexity in master data from everyday users

  • Higher quality master data

  • A solution where users only have to consider two fields

  • Structure for maintenance across companies

  • The facility to correct a template, such that the correction is applied to all products covered

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