Axcite Sales Forecast Sales Forecast ensures you have the
right products in stock at the right time

Axcite Sales Forecast extends Dynamics AX functionality with PLC management. The aim is to ensure that the right products are in the right place at the right time. At its core, the extension ensures that the product’s life cycle stage is reflected in the sales budget. There are five product stages, and budgeting will be done where it is most relevant. It includes handy features such as transferring sales patterns from other products.


Tailored to your activities

  • Products in stock on time

    You get greater certainty that products are in stock when customers want them.

  • Effective forecasting

    Your employees will get tools that enable them to do more precise purchasing.

  • Smaller error margins

    Purchases of too many or too few items will be more infrequent.

  • Budgets can be met

    Better opportunities for ensuring sales budgets are met.

  • Improved bottom line

    The purchasing department can contribute to even better earnings.

  • Better forecasting tools

    Your working day becomes easier and less complex with Axcite Sales Forecast.

  • Easier to make the right purchases

    You get support to help you buy the right quantities at the right times.

Features and benefits

  • Use product phases for more relevant budgeting

  • Use both estimates and historical data

  • Employ a simpler forecast method as an alternative

  • Transfer a sales pattern from another product

  • Take into account the loss of customers

  • Adjust for loss of customer sales

  • View a visual display of historical/expected sales

  • Optimal forecasting tools

  • Higher probability of making correct purchases

  • Fewer error purchases

  • Better customer service

  • Better opportunities for ensuring sales budgets are met

  • Easier procedures in general

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