Axcite Warehouse Automation Integration of warehouse
vertical lift modules

Axcite Warehouse Automation integrates your vertical lift modules with Dynamics AX, so you avoid having to re-enter lines from the pick order in the vertical lift module. The list is transferred from Dynamics AX to the vertical lift module, where it is fully activated by a single click. All operations are supported, and when an order has been picked, Dynamics AX is updated automatically. The solution is an important element of professional Warehouse Management.


Tailored to your activities

  • Full utilisation of the vertical lift module

    The integration ensures you get the full benefits if investing in a warehouse vertical lift module.

  • Time saving

    Staff have to spend much less time on the picking process.

  • Automation

    The transfer journal is automatically transferred to the vertical lift module. Data on warehouse entry is transferred from the vertical lift module to Dynamics AX .

  • Minimised errors

    Manual data entry at the vertical lift module is avoided.

  • Makes hard-copy lists unnecessary

    Yet another step towards a paperless warehouse.

  • Easier stocktaking procedures

    Counts are transferred from the vertical lift module to Dynamics AX .

  • Easier procedures

    It becomes much easier for you to pick products in the vertical lift module.

  • No more data entry

    The transfer journal is directly transferred from Dynamics AX. So you only have to activate it at the vertical lift module, and all the items on the list will be picked.

  • Time saving

    The system helps you better handle busy periods, as you need to spend much less time picking orders from the vertical lift module.

  • Fewer mistakes

    Data entry errors no longer occur.

Even if you are picking 240 parts, there is only a single button to press. This results in a huge time saving.

Jens Christian Pedersen Warehouse Manager, VM Tarm READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW

Features and benefits

  • Manage the vertical lift module in Dynamics AX

  • Copy transfer journals from Dynamics AX to the vertical lift module

  • Receive data back from the vertical lift module after picking and warehouse entry

  • Receive data from stocktaking at the vertical lift module back in Dynamics AX

  • Train new employees and temporary workers faster

  • Much easier procedures

  • Paperless process

  • Minimised errors

  • Time saving

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • Fewer or no additional costs due to return orders

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