Thorough selection process led
to agreement with Bredana Axcite


Industry knowledge, consultant retention and the right ‘chemistry’ were among the selection criteria when Frederiksen Scientific chose a partner for a new system.

When physics teacher Søren Frederiksen laid the foundation for Frederiksen Scientific in the early 1950s, he proceeded with caution. He was not daring by nature. Rather, he slowly built up his company based on professional insight, diligence and dexterity. And he put an emphasis on close relationships with the people buying the company’s products – his former colleagues in the science classrooms. 

Human relationships, ‘chemistry’ – and perhaps a touch of Søren Frederiksen’s caution – also dominated the selection process when Frederiksen Scientific had to choose a partner to deliver a new ERP system as a replacement for XAL.

The company chose to use consultants HerbertNathan & Co. to help find the right system and the best vendor. 

“We had a choice between Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics AX was chosen due to the system’s good support for inter-company trade,” says Susanne Sørensen, Finance Manager and project leader. 

When it came to choosing a vendor, a handful of criteria were selected as the most important.‘Chemistry’ played a key role – as well as the meeting with the consultants who would be implementing the project, industry knowledge and budget. 

“We also had some specific ‘cases’ we wanted to ask about: How would integration with warehouse VLMs, control of supplier performance and management of campaign prices be handled?,” says Susanne Sørensen.

Scores were assigned for the various criteria and ‘cases’, after which HerbertNathan & Co. went through the material. Finally, the choice was discussed in the company’s steering committee and with several super users.

“The majority were in favour of Bredana Axcite. Particularly because we felt confident given the consultants’ long history with Bredana Axcite. It was nice to know that they would still be around when we went live,” says Susanne Sørensen.

Operations workshop contributed to smooth start of operations

Frederiksen Scientific went live in March – well before the company’s first peak season of the year, in May (the other is at the end of the year). 

“We were able to deliver products from day one. I think that is quite good, when you consider that everyone was new in the system,” says Susanne Sørensen. 

Bredana Axcite’s special operations workshop was a major contributor to the very smooth, successful start of operations. The workshop subjects super users to a kind of ‘exam’ in use of the system, just like the students who work with Frederiksen’s equipment in their physics classes.

“The operations workshop makes it possible to see where the ‘gaps’ are – whether everyone is ready to start operation. I think it’s a very sensible way of doing it, because you find out whether you are capable of handling what is required,” says Susanne Sørensen.

Proactive management of finances

Axcite Bredana’s project model ensures that finances in general and any extra costs are handled proactively. Items may arise during the process that need to be included in the solution, which were not foreseen from the start. These are continually handled as change requests in the project steering group. 

Susanne Sørensen had a good experience of this approach:

“Some changes were due to us, and Bredana Axcite took responsibility for others. We have talked about things and addressed the issues,” says Susanne Sørensen.

Bredana Axcite was chosen to develop and implement the system at Frederiksen Scientific – a trading company with an assembly department. Electronics engineer Lars Nielsen works here with a series of devices.

How has the ‘chemistry’ been?

“The ‘chemistry’ was of key importance for our selection, and is great. We could never bring ourselves to get angry with the consultants, even though it has sometimes been annoying with a new system, because they have always done what they could to help us. They are friendly and patient. We have had, and continue to have, good teamwork, and it has been a good process overall. Even when the road has been rocky, as it can be when you introduce a completely new system,” says Susanne Sørensen.

Bredana Axcite is currently preparing to roll out the solution in the Netherlands, where Frederiksen Scientific has acquired a company as part of its ongoing international expansion.

Facts about Frederiksen Scientific

Frederiksen Scientific was founded by physics teacher Søren Frederiksen in the early 1950s, in a basement under the family home in Ølgod.

Søren Frederiksen lacked educational devices to use in his teaching, and this was what launched his entrepreneurial adventure.

Since 1954, Frederiksen Scientific has supplied teaching equipment to over 2,500 schools and educational institutions. The company has totally furnished more than 500 science rooms and laboratories.

Frederiksen Scientific has 70 employees distributed across its headquarters in Ølgod, Denmark, and branch offices in Norway and the Netherlands.

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