Frandsen Group uses Dynamics 365 as leverage for change and digitisation


"Our new system should not just reflect what we do today. We want a solution that takes our group to a new level," says Pernille Frandsen, COO of design company Frandsen Group, headquartered in Horsens.

With annual growth rates exceeding 10%, the development of Frandsen Group is challenging the IT side of the business and the way they work. At the same time, the company is moving into an actual group structure that also places demands on their systems. Furthermore, the company's CEO and founder, Benny Frandsen, wants to be at the forefront of digitisation and keep up with the development of customers and suppliers in every way.

"We are starting to feel the limitations of the systems we are currently using. Therefore, we decided to take a big leap forward with the Internet-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations," Pernille Frandsen says.

And she is looking forward to getting started on developing and implementing the solution:

"The timing could not be better regarding where we are now in terms of the overall strategy and growth. We want to take this opportunity to challenge ourselves to do better tomorrow than we are doing today - in all areas."

For the implementation of the change process, Frandsen Group has chosen its partner of 15 years, Bredana Axcite.

"Bredana Axcite knows our core competencies, our business and strategy. This enables them to challenge us and we want to be challenged. That is part of what we buy."

"An upgrade project is a welcome opportunity to take a closer look at processes, chart all workflows and thus increase the gain from the time we spend on various tasks," Pernille Frandsen says.


Group structure supported

The group is evolving from three to five companies:

"We expect uniformity in the way the various companies work. The advantage of simultaneously implementing a new IT solution and changing the corporate structure is that we are forced into a highly visible change process that is really healthy in many respects," says Pernille Frandsen.

"For the past 15 years, we have established a relationship of trust with Bredana Axcite, and we look forward to completing our change project with their consultants. They know our core competencies, our business and strategy and can challenge us," says Benny Frandsen, CEO and founder of Frandsen Group.

Significant benefits are expected

The solution itself - Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations enhanced by the Axcite Logistics package from Bredana Axcite - will give concrete benefits in many areas.

"We expect the biggest benefits to be in production, inventory, finance, quality assurance and CRM," says Pernille Frandsen.

Inventory management will undergo considerable changes in terms of efficiency with a handheld terminal solution and a completely different overview than today - including item reservation. Customer service is improved, and all functions will become more straightforward and easier to perform for our employees. Shipping will be completely digitised.

Quality control, which is now running in a separate system, is optimised through a much more powerful solution in Dynamics 365.

The CRM solution also takes a quantum leap forward through the integrated Sales app in Dynamics 365:

"It will be a huge benefit that our 15 salespeople and agents around the world can work with customer registration and reporting in one system that we can all access," Pernille Frandsen says.

"The fact that Dynamics 365 is Internet-based and can thus be accessed from anywhere in the world and from any device, PC, tablet or phone, holds great appeal to us."

Stock control will undergo considerable changes regarding efficiency with a handheld terminal solution and a completely different overview than today, COO Pernille Frandsen of Frandsen Group explains.

Smarter workflow and digitisation with customers and suppliers

On a practical level and across the entire group, a clear objective is to avoid retyping.

"All workflows must be digitised as much as possible: Order receipt, receipt of invoices from suppliers, sending invoices, etc.

"As regards our customers, we are investing early in digitisation to avoid not being chosen because it’s difficult to do business with us," Pernille Frandsen explains.

"We also want our new solution to facilitate even closer cooperation with both customers and suppliers to the benefit of all parties."

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